Shivering Beauty - Soundscape of Mongolia

Robin Noorda travelled in 4 years in several seasons trough Mongolia and ended up in quite a variation of places where a common tourist would not be able to come or dare to go. An unexpected and personal landscape of an intriguing Mongolia as few experienced was thus created. Noorda presents a critical visual impression of contemporary Mongolia. Besides the original charms of the land and culture, he focuses also on the contrasting struggle of the quickly westernizing land of which the people underwent a transition of unfree an equal to free and unequal. 

The documentary film ‘Shivering Beauty, Soundscape of Mongolia’ shows the rich Mongolian music culture by means of performances of a.o. The National Mongolian Ensemble. The music guides the spectator trough contrasting aspects of the land. The goal is to show an uncensored cross section of contemporary Mongolia. The film will be shown during the exhibition and the Buddhist Broadcasting Foundation will broadcast the film on the Dutch public channel 2. The première was during the International Buddhist Film Festival in Amsterdam in 2007.

During the opening of the photo exhibition in the Melkweg Galerie Amsterdam the book ‘Transit Mongolia’ together with the 52 minutes documentary on DVD was presented. To obtain the book 'Transit Mongolië' (128 pages, 200 photo's, hardback,
including the film 'Shivering Beauty' for only 28,50 Euro) contact Robin Noorda   Click here to send Robin Noorda an e-mail  The order of the book acts as a zoom lens ever focusing and descending from material to essence. Starting literally airborne and getting closer to the soil and soul by experiencing the landscape, climate, nature, culture and finally aspects of its society. The zooming descent ends up literally underground in the concrete manholes of the street-kids in a stinking and hot space of 2,5 X 2,5m of the city heating system, while outside it freezes minus 37ºC. The interconnection of complex issues as the foreign mining companies, the Soviet heritage, climate change, corruption, capitalism, the threatened nomad culture, the migration to the city and the explosion of street kids are put in perspective. Noorda felt it as a calling to cast his message and filmed, photographed and wrote this cross media project without any funding.

In 2010 Robin Noorda finished a 74’ minute feature length directors cut of Shivering Beauty.  

Photo-exhibition, book and film form a complementary whole with many dimensions; framed in depth and in width, in beauty and decay and from cultural richness to culture shock.

All photo’s are mounted on aluminium and have the size of 60 X 90 cm unless otherwise mentioned.