Work in progress - As a 14 year old kid Noorda drew pictures with 180º fisheye perspective. In his attempt to capture even all 360º in his drawings (heavily inspired by M.C. Escher) he developed a perspective projection to do so. Recently he discovered the possibility to make such pictures photographically with four fisheye pictures , remap them to equirectangulars, stitch them to a 360º panorama and finally remap the panorama into a hyperbolic. Noorda picks striking subjects and manipulates these miniature earth panoramas into wonderful worlds.

 He is currently working on the photobook ‘Hyperbolic Amsterdam’ and his hyperbolics are distributed by Business Art Service www.kunst.nl.

Recently he started to make abstract hyperbolics as well.


Hyperbolic drawings from Robin Noorda as a teenager in ‘74-’76
Mandala Hyperbolics