Morphosis exists over 30 years now, so a complete list is not relevant. We present here only an overview.

Morphosis has worked directly and indirectly for practically all Dutch public broadcast organisations and for some of the commercial channels. Abroad Morphosis worked for BRTN (BE), ARD (DE), NOVA (CZ), TV Danmark (DK)

V&W and RWS, Ministry of traffic and waterways, SZW Ministry of social affairs

The pop band Doe Maar, V2 Records, Groninger Museum, Museum Bélverdère, Drents Archeologisch Centrum, Amsterdams Historisch Museum, Dance company RAZ, Slapelozenacht Festival, the musician Phantome Frank, The pop band Melomanics

NV Organon, Philips, VSM

As subcontractor or co producer
Beam Systems, Endemol Producties, Frame Media Productions, NOB Design/Interactive,
Norfell Jefferson Productions, Production People, Science Productions, Screentime, Stokvis Productions, Toonder Studios, Valkieser Solutions.