More on Robin Noorda - Art & Cinema:

Already at the age of ten Robin Noorda started to make drawings and photos for his portfolio intended for the submission to the art academy. At sixteen he had his first exhibition and was involved as cartoonist at the underground comic magazine ‘Speedo’ and had publications as press photographer.

At the end of his traineeship at NOS broadcast design department, at the age 22, he started free lancing while being overwhelmed by assignments for TV design and animations. Due to the fact his career already started, he was not able to finish his last year at the Rietveld Academy and had to give up his place at the Rijks Academy where he was just admitted.

At that time he also started, together with the painter Bob van Walderveen and philosopher Alfred Marseille, the art movement ‘Tropism’, that had many successful exhibitions, concerts and manifestations in the Netherlands and abroad. 

In 1984 he was the first Dutch animator to get involved with computer animation. With four creative colleagues (Gijs Bannenberg, Jeroen Buys, Adriaan Lokman and Léon Wennekes) he pioneered, designed, choreographed and animated the first computer animations in the Netherlands at the Antics Studio Amsterdam. In 1986 he founded his own company Morphosis with three of the Antics team. Morphosis grew to a leading position in TV design and computer animation in Holland and also produced for Belgian, German and some British broadcasters. Besides design, Morphosis took on complete productions such as corporate films and the company grew further. In the nineties Noorda found himself doing more paperwork than hands on designing work and decided to downsize the company and give more attention to his autonomous art projects. After ten years gradually all partners and employees went their own way, he introduced the formula of working with a fixed team of free lancers and other small companies in the field, thus creating more time for his other ambitions: independent animation films, documentaries, photographs and art. He published some monographs photo books. Besides making films and art, he teaches at a range of art academies and institutes, promoted numerous final exam works, was advisor of the Dutch Film Fund - animation department, was connected to the Dutch Animation Film Institute (NIAF) and was advisor of the Flemish Animation Film Fund.