Robin Noorda, formerly known as director at Morphosis, announces:
Morphosis has merged

Robin Noorda started in the early eighties as designer for television broadcasters and was a pioneer of computer-animation in the Netherlands. He established Morphosis in 1985 as first design agency in the field of computer animation and CGI for the broadcast industry. The credo was: Moving Media Made to Measure. Finally Morphosis developed into a film producer for his stop-motion animation films. He also co-founded the Tropism art movement in the eighties. As they grew closer, Morphosis eventually merged with the Tropism Art & Science Collective, a foundation focussed on art projects with a touch of awareness.

For information and inquiries on animation film projects, media projects and light installations, involving Robin as Animation Director, DoP, Production Designer or Writer, go to Tropism Art & Science Collective or contact him at info(at)

For independent art, film and photography by the artist Robin Noorda go to Robin Noorda - Art & Cinema or mail robin.noorda(at)